martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

El desnudo del día: Al Salaris

Al Saralis es un pintor británico y profesor. Se graduó en 1977 con una licenciatura en Bellas Artes. En su web se pueden encontrar obras como las publicadas aquí y retratos más tradicionales. Me gustan estos, particularmente, entre lo pictórico y lo gráfico. Donde el fondo (nunca oscuro) invade la figura, siempre delicada.

"Como artista uno está tomando siempre decisiones, re-considerando direcciones y reflexionando sobre su trabajo, como parte del proceso creativo. Siempre he estado interesado en la belleza clásica de la pintura renacentista, junto a mi fascinación por el ser humano", expresa el artista.

These were in part inspired by a trip to Florence where Al saw the unfinished "Prigioni" sculptures of Michelangelo. While the paintings reflect the classical beauty of the human figure the dramatic use of light, coupled with the directness of the pose, results in images that are powerful and sometimes confrontational and which also echo the fragility and vulnerability of contemporary man. During 2008-2009 Al Saralis has restricted his subject matter still further, concentrating on paintings of the face and head. 
He says, "As an artist one is forever making decisions, re-considering directions and reflecting on one's work as part of the creative process. I have always been interested in the classical beauty of Renaissance painting, and this alongside my fascination with the human form has led my work to develop to where it is now. I feel that recent paintings are in a sense, indulgent. They allow me to explore the complexities of painting skin and its subtlety of colour, to create something that exists in its own right. Many recent paintings have featured heads and faces, but I am not a portrait painter. I use a restricted number of models to try to achieve my aim, which is to create something that is beautiful as well as being interesting; contemporary as well as being classical and something stripped of any narrative, that is timeless".

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