Lamborghini LM00X

Lamborghini would be responsible for developing the legacy of the ML-002, the powerful all-terrain vehicle that debuted in mid 80's. The performance SUV from the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese to be built under the project will result in the creation of the Porsche Cajun. Like the latter, the Lamborghini LM00X use audio platform Q5. Lamborghini LM00X Engine Features Lamborghini LM00X be equipped with the 4.0 Twin Turbo V-8 engine, which will offer over 550 horsepower. This is the same unit is also used for the Audi S7 and “entry level”version of the Bentley Continental GT. The LM00X accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in under 4 seconds and the three-door cut body style. To contain the mass of the car, the Lamborghini LM00X take many carbon fiber parts. The 4-wheel drive, will be developed to allow LM00X for use in the field. The car can also be used for the Dakar.

Fiat Uno

The new Fiat Uno Developed by FPT Powertrain Technologies in Brazila and officially revealed its latest Uno supermini for the South American market. The new Fiat Uno marks the premiere of the Fire Evo family of engines, which strong points are reduction in fuel consumption and better use of energy, with lower emission of pollutants and noise. The Evo family equips all versions of the new Fiat Uno with 1.0 liter and 1.4 liter engines. Both are Flex engines and have a series of technological novelties and components never seen before in low-cylinder capacity engines. Fiat Uno measures 3,770 mm in length, 1,643 mm in width and 1,490 mm in height. With a wheelbase length of 2,370 mm (cargo capacity stands at 280 liters), the new Uno slots between the Panda and the Punto EVO. As a front-wheel drive vehicle, the new Uno is offered with a choice of two new flex-fuel petrol engines, a 1.0-liter unit producing 73 HP when running on alcohol and 75 HP on gasoline, and a 1.4-liter unit producing o

Audi A9 Review And Specs

Audi unveiled new concept of Audi A9, the new concept Audi A9 be comes with luxury design and advanced used technology inside. Audi A8 shows Avantissimo concept, destined to become a mega millionaire before. Although the proposal was shot down, plus a cutting-A8 given almost as before the fire. After that, Audi toyed with the idea? manufacturing a new car halo A7, with the four-door convertible version. As we all know, the actual production A7 has a much more ambitious mission as a partner a little more elegant, with the Audi A6. Although the range of engines including naturally aspirated and turbocharged 3.0-liter version of Audi V-6 (which is true, turbo, supercharged, not as in S4), and bi-turbo 4.0-liter V-8. This V-8 will spend about 420 horsepower, but it is certainly capable of more – hope S9 520 horsepower. Audi is not complete without a diesel engine (including the U.S., where the brand plans to promote other oil-burner). The A9 will offer the familiar V-6 3.0 TDI and 4.2-lite

Get Easy With Your Car Finance Loans

Have you been dreaming lately too much about your ultimate car? Well only fantasizing wont help. You need to get it for yourself to fulfill your age old dream. So what is holding you up from making the deal? Surely the car finance which is the biggest clause while making a car deal. Before buying a car, you need to be sure to determine the type of finance you want to obtain for buying a car. No need to hurry but be a little careful in judging what will be right to balance your pocket. You must exactly choose an option which would go best for you.  In such cases a little bit of questioning can take you out of this dual mind set. Are you ready with the hard cash required to buy the car at a go? Having known about the amount you need to pay, if you opt for car loans, are you comfortable with it? Have you cleared up the loans you had taken previously? Are you a candidate good enough to be granted a loan? Well for question no.1 it goes without saying that cash payment is the best for you to

Express Yourself with What you Drive

Next in line to buying your own home, the second most expensive item you can purchase could by your vehicle.  Some people have a need to express who they are by what they drive and so the car they choose can be in the high end of the scale. Today, shopping online is done for everything from cars to diapers and as you search you will discover there are tons of new and used cars listed online.  Many people who have once owned a BMW will never own a different make of car and so their search will only be for a BMW. Searching for a BMW 3 series online is easy and you can get a list of new and used Beemers in your area. This lets you look at many cars before you pick a few to look at in person.  Why spend the day driving from place to place when you can shop from home and not waste gas?  If what you drive is very important to you, you will keep looking till you find that one special car that speaks to you. Then get behind the wheel and feel right at home in the vehicle that suits you.

Bentley Continental GT, Performance Of A Fantasy Car

After 60 years of building ordinary luxury cars, Bentley has come back with a roar following in the footsteps of W O Bentley, building a true supercar with fantastic performance. But this is no semi-racer; it's a true Grand Tourer. What's more, the Bentley Continental GT is simply the most beautiful coupe in the world. It is also amazingly fast. Despite its graceful looks, it can out-perform all but the fastest supercars, and some fantasy cars. Bentley claims a maximum speed of 198 mph, but in independent tests it has been timed at 206 mph! Not bad for a four-seater with a good-sized trunk. Bentleys are known for their combination of luxury and performance, but back in the 1920s, they were the out-and-out sports racing champions. They were big and fast, and won at Le Mans several times. In 2003, they returned to Le Mans with their dark green Bentley Eights, and finished first and second again. The world's best Grand Tourer? Still, the Continental GT has hardly anything in c

Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG

With the Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG the German firm continues its move to more power in more and more models. There was a 5.5 liter engine in this compact coupe/convertible based on the C class platform - but the new engine takes the car into a different class; it becomes a true supercar. This new 6.2 liter V-8 develops 481 bhp at 6,800 rpm, with maximum torque of 465 lb ft (630 Nm) at 5,000 rpm. That’s not all: this new engine packs a mean punch low down, chucking out 368 lb ft (500 Nm) of torque at 2,000 rpm. As the CLK is a compact supercar coupe, the result is hot shoe acceleration with a 0-60 mph time of about 4.5 seconds from an engine that revs to around 7,000 rpm! High-revving, big displacement V-8 engine Mercedes-Benz and AMG have evidently decided that people prefer high-revving naturally aspirated engines to superchargers what BMW has been saying for years, although it is now adopting turbochargers so the new engine develops the same amount of power as AMG’s supercharged 5.5 l