domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

El desnudo del día: Dai Zhongguang

Dai Zhongguang es un pintor chino de la etnia buyi. Nació en 1949.

Dai Zhongguang is a Chinese visual artist who was born in 1949. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'NUDE' sold at Poly International Auction Co. 'A Selection of Chinese Realist Paintings from Asian Collector (Dutch Auction)' in 2011.
Enjoy Painting
"Matisse said that his paintings are easy chair, I hope my paintings can be so. Worldly things too annoying, boring thing more. The air is full of restlessness. Quiet, agreeable, clear feeling has become a luxury.
Several theories of art, such as the traditional Tireless, all kinds of unconventional thinking and emerging on political, social, life, contemporary philosophy, which the burden of pressure in the painting, once so I know what to do and very depressed, and now talking about this topic I have a headache.
One day sleepless night. Moonlight, south window alone pour, like drunk on the occasion, suddenly epiphany - my generation simply stupid people, to do simple things Bale. Videos I want - simple, fresh, hazy, soft. Plain natural state of mind, the theme handy pen colors casual, loose freely. Amuse and entertain the people, really fun.

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