miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

El desnudo del día: Steve Smulka

Steve Smulka es un pintor hiperrealista nacidp en EEUU. En su producción se encuentran pocos desnudos como el que mostramos hoy.

Steve Smulka has garnered international recognition for his novel approach toward contemporary realism. Extending the focus of photorealism to accommodate traditional elements of landscape painting and portraiture, the artist exemplifies the generative potential and inclusivity of contemporary visual practice as it erodes classical genre distinctions. Balancing immediacy of expression with technical perfection, his works reflect an extraordinary aptitude and profound enthusiasm for capturing natural light in two dimensions. His signature motif, the meticulous reproduction of oversized bottles, jars, and decanters, has earned him particular attention from critic J. Bower Bell, who writes, “Each work is lovingly crafted; the treatment of glass profound, mature, the skill, awesome; but it is the light that matters, the light that is somehow transformed by facility of hand and felicity of brush into a compelling icon. This mysterious alchemy of craft, vision and cunning turns paint into light and light into magic.”
Smulka was born in Detroit and studied at the University of Massachusetts and the School of Visual Arts in New York under acclaimed photorealistic painter Chuck Close. He is a two-time recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant and his work has been collected by the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Mobil Oil, and Continental Group, among others.
Steve and his wife, Ginny, currently work and reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

El artista.

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