domingo, 10 de julio de 2016

El desnudo del día: Agita Keiri

Agita Keiri nació en Letonia, donde asistió a la Secundaria de Arte (1991-1997) y a la Academia Nacional Arte, Departamento de Pintura. Ha participado en exposiciones desde 1997.

Art is like an essay which tries to create a space around its observers in which they might hear what the soul of the artist wishes to whisper to their hearts.

I don’t know my audience, their life stories, their hopes and struggles. But I do know that I would like for my paintings to give they call for a moment to stop, be silent, to contemplate and pray. To laugh or cry, but in any case to share feelings. Humanness and uniqueness are what united me with the audience.
For me, true art leads to moments that glide past the mind towards deeper and more meaningful places. I challenge myself to present through a human being’s physical appearance their sacred world. The heroes and heroines of my paintings are not ideal, nor strangers, but objects of exploration. The main goal is not to draw a viewer’s interest only to the visual images, but on what is behind it.
There are two main types of paintings. The first depicts the sense of eternity that breaks into a hero’s heart when he feels alone. The second shows humans who sell themselves into bondage for a dream of happiness-they are the kings of theatre. Everything happens to them-love, mysticism, jealousy, betrayal-and may bring fame, but precious little for the heart. Writer Dale Carnegie would call them “the people who play the games.” I portray them in the series of paintings inspired by Venetian carnival masks. The masquerade is bizarre and full of contrasts-a blend of operetta, circus, clowns and tragedy. (Fuente)

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