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La escultura y el desnudo: Isabel McIlvain

Isabel McIlvain nació en Estados Unidos. Es escultora y profesora de arte.

Isabel McIlvain is more at ease with the human figure than most sculptors. That doesn't quite make her a woman of the Renaissance - a time remembered for its magnificent figure sculptures in bronze. But McIlvain, now exhibiting her three-dimensional sculptures and her reliefs at Historic Yellow Springs, does have the cognitive interest in the body that might be indicated by her thorough knowledge of anatomy.
Of course, there is more to it. McIlvain goes about the challenging task of trying to reverse the decay of both art and meaning, such losses being much lamented today on the cultural scene.
There is an extraordinary air of purity about her work, both in bronze (without any surface patina) and in pristine white hudrocal, portraying both youthful and old nude female and male figures. Somehow the highly sensitive handling of her nudes precludes possible staginess.
McIlvain's nude figures offer (in a world that doesn't want it) an elementary survivors' sense of selfhood. The fascination and power of the best of her sculptures is the extent to which they plumb a big subject - the human figure - and do so with great confidence and apparent ease, achieving meticulous yet very lively results.
Seldom do we in the metropolitan area have an opportunity to see present-day figure sculpture of such high quality as that by McIlvain, who offers one of the freshest figurative visions around. (Fuente)

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